WAVE Therapy

The first effective, painless, drug-free solution to erectile dysfunction

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Sound wave therapy is the first alternative to Viagra in 15 years.

Low-intensity shock wave therapy (Li-ESWT) is an effective, painless, drug-free solution to erectile dysfunction.

WAVE Therapy involves delivering a series of low energy wave pulses to the penis to improve blood flow. Treatments are painless, performed in the office without the need for medication or surgery, and take just a few minutes. The acoustic waves stimulate growth factors to create new blood vessels (“neovascularization”), and rejuvenate erectile tissue. This improves blood flow to the penis to create stronger and more sustainable erections.

WAVE Therapy is most effective for patients with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction caused by common conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and the aging process. Clinical trials have shown the most improvement in patients who show the early signs of ED, patients who take oral medication for erections, or patients in whom oral medications are no longer effective.

Unlike other devices commonly in use which deliver waves in a radial manner to temporarily improve blood flow, our Duolith Ultra delivers focused waves which induce changes at the cellular level to induce angiogenesis which permanently increases blood flow to produce stronger, more sustainable erections.

No Pain

Treatments are painless

Low-intensity acoustic energy waves are painless. WAVE Therapy treatment sessions take less than twenty minutes to perform.

No Pills

No more expensive pills or lack of spontaneity

Many men report spontaneous erections after treatment with WAVE Therapy, without reliance on expensive oral medications.

No Downtime

No need to make time in your busy schedule

The painless treatment sessions take just a few minutes. Patients are able to continue normal activity (including sexual activity) during the course of treatment.

Proven Results

An effective alternative to oral medications

Double blinded studies have shown success rates in >70% of properly selected patients. Many patients achieve a noticeable result after just a couple of treatments.


Men in their 40s with ED

Source: Cleveland Clinic


Men in their 50s with ED

Source: Cleveland Clinic


Men in their 70s with ED

Source: Cleveland Clinic


Men with ED who do not seek treatment

Source: National Institutes of Health

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